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I’m Actually Doing this Now.

Through the course of many years of working in the entertainment industry, I’ve somehow lost my connection to the written word. I no longer read books or keep a journal; no longer wrote poetry or short stories. I’ve also gone dark to the world of fictional storytelling as a whole. TV sucks, movies don’t excite me that much. I’ve become one of those dudes that reads science articles, technical manuals, and very short news stories.

I’ve decided to remedy my departure from writing in the way I get over all of my problems: exposure therapy. I started this blog back in January of 2015 as a way for me to hone my writing chops. It sat dormant for more than 8 months… Until today. The dull din of everyday existence has reached a point of full-body discomfort. I am now compelled to write in order to resist exploding in some kind of table-flipping rage.

For my first few blog posts, I thought I’d tackle some well-tread topics. These posts will serve as an exercise to help me regain my desire to write, read, and take in consume ideas. They will also serve as a piecemeal explanation of myself — to myself — so I can asses my life as I near 40 years of age and work through the disenfranchisement that comes with it. I am in dire need of discipline, confidence and fortitude of the mind.

My first two topics will be religion and politics.

Be warned that I am not a fancy-boy writer, nor am I a finely skilled grammaticist (I still use the word stupider.) Additionally, Some of my philosophies are somewhat radical or unpopular and might illicit your ire. For this reason, I have decided that I will not allow your comments. This blog is a public resource existing on my private network for the express purpose of screaming into the void. If you want to watch, you can. You many not, however, have a dissenting voice.


I’ve Decided to Start Writing Again.

Please prepare yourself for an onslaught of bad grammar, silly ideas, and babbling rhetoric as I attempt to sharpen my writer’s wit. You’ve been warned.

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